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Laboratorios Veinfar

Laboratorios Veinfar is an Argentine company with 40 years in the pharmaceutical sector, which has gained an excellent reputation manufacturing medicinal products, specifically injectable generics, oral and ophthalmic liquids, creams, and gels.

The company was born in 1967, when a group of twenty pharmacists created a small drug manufacturing and marketing start-up. In 1979, new management changed the lab’s focus to the manufacture of injectable generics, for use mostly in hospitals and clinics, where it is leading sales.

Thanks to the hard work of its professional team, strongly committed to new technologies and open to progress in science, today Laboratorios Veinfar makes safe and top quality generics.

In 1986, the company continued growing with the acquisition of Fasandama SRL, a medicinal packaging manufacturer, becoming the only lab in Argentina producing its own primary packaging. In 1999, Veinfar acquired a 50% share interest in another lab, Epicaris. In 2006, it acquired the other 50% and unified all production operations in a single, modern plant that increased its production capacity and meets the strictest health and environment requirements.

Foreign Trade

In the mid 1990’s, Laboratorios Veinfar started its first business in various international markets and started building a strong export structure. With the purpose of establishing a distribution site for Central America and the Caribbean, the company has maintained a subsidiary in the Dominican Republic since 1996.

As part of its policy of continuous growth, in 2000 the company partnered with Bio-Shar SRL to create Veinfar Uruguay SA. In 2004, new facilities were opened in Montevideo, with a modern building, warehouses, management and sales offices, and a conference room for training courses. Thanks to the skill level of the specialists in Uruguay, Laboratorios Veinfar manufactures products in Uruguay and has established Montevideo as a production site with excellent standards and reputation, and in constant expansion.

The company is constantly broadening its customer base and foreign trade planning. In this regard, in 2005 it opened the Veinfar Venezuela agency, solidifying its position in Latin America, currently distributing its products in Panama, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Haiti.


During the 90’s, Veinfar’s offices in Buenos Aires became the meeting point for the top generic manufacturers in Argentina. With an active role by Fernando Brunstein, appointed its first Chairman, the Argentine Chamber of Manufacturers of Generic Drugs and Drugs for Hospital Use (CAPGEN) was created, joining more than twenty Argentine labs seeking to meet the demand for affordable drugs rationally and safely.


In 2007, Veinfar embarked on a new phase. Under new management, Laboratorios Veinfar has kept the same purposes and the same commitment, bringing a unique and renewed style.

As part of a new generation and with a longstanding commitment to the continuous improvement of processes, products and human resources, management is updating the lab and making it ever more professional. With this focus, an ambitious research project was put in place in biotechnology, the field of the future, more specifically the development of cell cultures and their therapeutic applications. In addition, today an interdisciplinary team of over 40 technicians and professionals work for the company, upholding its motto: “Science, ethics and experience for a healthy world”.

One of Laboratorios Veinfar’s commitments since it was founded has been to update and expand its projects. In this regard, a new plant for the manufacture of antibiotic powders is expected to start operating very soon. In addition, the facilities on Rodó street (City of Buenos Aires) will focus exclusively on the production of drugs of biological origin once another new plant in Florencio Varela (Buenos Aires Province), currently under construction, opens for the production of non-segregated products.

Veinfar current produces 50 million units a year, in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) of ANMAT at the local level, and INVIMA (Colombia) at the international level. With a unique management style and a track record of over 40 years of reliability and responsibility, Laboratorios Veinfar remains committed to scientific development, a global outlook, and state-of-the-art technology to continue leading the pharmaceutical market, helping people achieve a better quality of life.

Science, ethics and experience for a healthy world”

We are aware that the needs of the pharmaceutical industry are constantly changing and evolving at great speeds. Thus, our efforts are focused on strengthening research and development as the best way of following the mandate of providing safe and reliable products to our customers. We understand that wisdom and knowledge are the basic tools for improving the approach for manufacturing top quality generic drugs.


In practice, biotechnology –i.e. the use of living organisms to obtain a product or service useful to humans– started several centuries ago with the production of wine, bread, or cheese: with no awareness of how the process was taking place, the products of the metabolism of certain microorganisms were used. Closer to our time, in the 80’s, modern biotechnology arose with techniques under the name “genetic engineering”, modifying and transferring genes from one organism to another. Nowadays, biotechnology is a critical tool in the industry and in agriculture, for the improvement of crops.

Argentina has been able to find its place in the world of biotechnology, and this is why Laboratorios Veinfar has decided to allocate resources to this field. Besides obtaining biotechnological medicinal products, the Research & Development Department is focused on working with cell cultures and their therapeutic applications so that the professionals in the team may gain further knowledge and apply such knowledge in the lab.

We believe that science helps improve production and analysis techniques. Furthermore, science helps obtain theoretical knowledge to promote the company's progress. In this regard, current management has decided to professionalize management lines, with an interdisciplinary team of more than 20 people with university degrees.


In dealing with customers and staff, as well as with the community, transparency and integrity are two key pillars for Laboratorios Veinfar. As such, we strive to uphold mutual respect and honesty as irreplaceable values to create a healthy relationship. We believe this is the way of maintaining an appropriate relationship with each of the 200 employees in the company as well as with our customers. This is how we fulfill our vision: Improving access to healthcare for all people, providing safe drugs not only to those who can afford them, but also to those who want to obtain them.


For more than 40 years, we have produced top quality generic drugs at affordable prices, guaranteeing that we meet the demands, changes and competitiveness required by a market as dynamic as the pharmaceutical industry. Our track record also helps us keep leading sales in our niche –injectables for hospital use– as well as in the production of heparins.

We believe that our experience not only reflects reliability and responsibility, but also drives us to uphold our standards now and in the future, to fulfill our mission of living in a healthy world.

Quality and Safety as Values

Sophisticated plants, the best technologies, and a team of highly qualified staff mean reliability and responsibility in the production of Laboratorios Veinfar’s drugs. The quality control area works with modern analytical equipment and advanced validation procedures for each stage, certifying the quality of over 50 million units manufactured a year.

The process begins with a strict selection of raw materials –both domestic and imported–, which are subjected to thorough supplier qualification, manufacturer documentation checks, and physicochemical and microbiological analysis, before and after purchase.

The process continues with production monitoring, including environmental controls (labeling), and bulk and internal product analysis, aimed at ensuring sterility, physicochemical quality (formula composition and accuracy), and processes (full compliance with manufacturing standards).

Lastly, finished products are analyzed in four stages: physical chemistry by sampling, thorough review of each unit by electronic review machines, visual validation by trained staff, and documentation.

Quality Control

With the firmness to continue working for the wellbeing of people according to the control and production requirements in force, with seriousness and responsibility as ever-present marks, Laboratorios Veinfar has not only achieved sustained growth, but also become a brand that is reliable and guarantees quality. Upholding and furthering these values is also a daily task toward a greater goal: continuing to produce top quality drugs available to whoever needs them.

History of Generic Drugs in Argentina

The production and distribution of generic drugs is not new to the pharmaceutical industry. 2002 was the peak of a long path that gained strength when the Law Promoting the Use of Drugs Based on Generic Names was enacted in Argentina. However, prescribing based on active ingredients rather than brands has been common for over 60 years in the main hospitals that purchase medicinal products considered generic. Generics have also been common for outpatient use and in pharmacies carrying generic products (according to the definition of the WHO), but marketed under a brand or trade name.

Thus, the law enacted by Argentina’s Congress means a breakthrough, as consumers can now have access to the same basic drugs at lower prices, because the physician is required to prescribe the drug by its generic name and the pharmacist can choose between equal drugs.

What is a Generic Drug?

CAPGEN, the chamber that brings together the top generic manufacturers in Argentina, states very simply that a generic drug is “any medicinal product authorized by the local regulatory authority whose active ingredient, dosage form, dosing, and route of administration are identical to those of another innovator medicinal product authorized by the local regulatory authority, whose safety and efficacy have been duly established, and whose patent has expired.”

Thus, generic means basically the name under which drugs are known and communicated in scientific and academic media. According to the World Health Organization, it is the true name of a drug, which refers to the scientific name of the active ingredient with which it is identified internationally. Also according to the WHO, it is a drug produced with the same therapeutic effects as indicated in the patent.


It has the same active ingredient

It has the same dosage form

It has the same composition

It is bioequivalent, i.e. it behaves the same way in the body

It offers the same safety and efficacy as any other medicine

It is cheaper

It is basically a medicinal product with the same active ingredient, the same dosing, and the same dosage form as a medicine not protected under any patent and used as a technical legal reference.

Laboratorios Veinfar is one of the Argentine companies manufacturing generic drugs, which has been strengthening its position in the pharmaceutical industry for over 40 years, maintaining the highest quality standards, better products, and more opportunities for people.

Thus, when you have to decide which medicine to buy, you will have a broad range of cheap and effective options to choose from.

Commitment to the Customer

Since our very creation, we have grown constantly and gradually until Laboratorios Veinfar was established in a dynamic market based on a business perspective of excellence, responsibility and efficiency. Nowadays, our products are leading also thanks to the level and variety of customers we work with.

The main destination of our products is both public and private inpatient facilities (hospitals and clinics) throughout our country and with a strong presence in Latin America. Our channels of distribution are the main pharmaceutical wholesalers. It is also worth noting that our products are sold directly to some clinics, as well as by state bids.


We believe that relationships with customer are built and nurtured by mutual respect. This is why, in order to ensure a service that is consistent with our vision, we have our own fleet for the distribution of orders in the capital city and the greater Buenos Aires area.

Thus, we are able to deliver each order in a timely manner, and with the assurance that all products will arrive in the same condition they had after production.

To support our commitment to our customers, Laboratorios Veinfar keeps a permanent stock of our most popular products. This means we have a high level of availability of drugs, so that orders are fulfilled quickly regardless of the amount required.

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